Learning Redefined.

Learning for sustainability

Suvadi, a local NGO since 2010, specialised in planning and implementing a variety of projects which create learning opportunities in formal and informal settings. Four major areas of focus are language education in primary schools, sustainability education for undergraduate students, health education in community settings and entrepreneurial education for those who are in the food and agriculture sector. Suvadi in association with OMNE hosted the first Climathon in Sri Lanka in 2019. Climathon initiative has been designed in such a way to educate undergraduate students and recent graduates on sustainability principles. Entrepreneurial education is also part of the climate initiative. In this year Climathon, more than 100 undergraduate students and vocational trainees joined and presented 29 innovative startup ideas.

Learning for change

Suvadi conducts after school language classes in rural schools and weekend virtual classes for primary students. Suvadi trains school-leavers as part-time language educators for primary kids. Suvadi initiated a virtual training program on Google classroom for schools teachers amid of Covid-19. Suvadi in association with Stop TB partnership and other local public health institutions designed and delivered health education campaigns regarding TB prevention and healthy eating. As an alternative to content-driven and teacher-driven approaches, Suvadi focuses on more participatory educational practices and approaches designed to build capacity among young people to make their own informed decisions. Suvadi’s long-term vision is rebuilding education in Sri Lanka through an alternative education model which give more weight to autonomous learning.