Eliminating Malnutrition; Enhancing Agrobiodiversity

Malnutrition is responsible for more ill-health worldwide than any other cause. One in every three women of reproductive age is affected by anaemia, much of which is caused by inadequate nutrition. It doesn’t have to be this way. Malnutrition is preventable and treatable. On the other hand, our planet is losing its biodiversity. Through diversifying the diets that we eat, we can eliminate malnutrition and protect agrobiodiversity. Together we can restore our ecosystems and rebuild our communities.

Addressing root causes

Most nutritional interventions today only address the immediate causes or manipulate the manifestations of malnutrition. We target the root causes of malnutrition that threaten the health and well-being of young children and mothers. This starts from ecosystem collapse, which increases the scarcity of potential resources. Changes in economic structures along with changes in the political and ideological superstructure are necessary to eliminate malnutrition.

Noruish North Initiative

  • A solid step towards breaking the intergenerational cycle of malnutrition by ensuring nutritional adequacy among young women in the Northern Province in Sri Lanka.

  • The main goal is to Improve competence among young women on ways to achieve nutritional adequacy through diverse diet choices.

  • Pilote a mechanism to monitor the micronutritional adequacy among young women aged 18 -25 in a systematic manner using digital tools.

mPower Strategy

  • M - Monitor Dietary Diversity among young women

  • P - Protect local agrobiodiversity

  • O - Offer support hands to malnourished women

  • W - Warn about the adverse effects of junk food

  • E - Encourage collective efforts

  • R - Reflect and improve existing practices

mPower mnemonic developed to indicates the action priorities of the Nourish North Initiative hosted under Suvadi

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